Misty Mountain Farm
Sustainable Grass Based Farming

Each year, the medical establishment has shown us an
alarming increase in major diseases.
From heart attacks to asthma, from cancer to diabetes,
all are on the rise.

We firmly believe that the decline in the nutritive
quality of our food supply is directly proportional to the
increase in chronic diseases.

When meat, milk and eggs are raised as nature
intended, these products are healthy for body and soul.

When they are raised on a diet of artificial chemicals,
synthetic vitamins and unnatural feedstuffs, they
become unhealthy, and we in turn are unhealthy in
eating them.

While this may just be our opinion,
we want to offer our customers the choice to eat
naturally raised food.

While we may not be able to change the world, we can
be good stewards to the little piece of it we have- Misty
Mountain Farm.
Protecting the Future by Preserving the Past
Misty Mountain Farm