Misty Mountain Farm
Our cattle-We are currently have a herd of  Dexter and Dexter cross
cattle.  Dexter are an old heritage breed originating in Ireland, and
known for their tender meat as well as hardiness. Their smaller size
makes them ideal for  homesteaders as they are easier on fences
and land. They also give a more manageable carcass size for
today's smaller families. We never at any time grain our cattle.
Our poultry- We seasonally raise  pastured broiler chickens and a limited number of
turkeys. They are fed a custom ground grain mix from an Amish feed mill that does not
use GMO grains. Their open bottom shelters are moved daily to fresh pasture to
ensure their health. This also gives them the ability to forage on the grass, as nature
Misty Mountain Farm
Our pigs- We pasture raise Gloucestershire Old Spots . This is a heritage breed from
England, where it is still  kept and raised for the royal family to this day. This gentle
breed is renown for it's succulent pork, and ability to thrive on good pasture. As with
our chickens, we feed non GMO grains, pasture, and garden goodies when available.
This is pork that still tastes the way your grandparents remembered it to be- full of
flavor, yet tender and juicy without needing fancy spices or marinades to taste
amazing.  Our Pigs are registered and piglets are occasionally available for sale -
contact us for details and availability.