Misty Mountain Farm
Check out the following links for additional
information and helpful resources.
Eat Wild
Great link to find other grass based farmers! Compelling evidence
as to why grass fed is better for the animal, the consumer, and the
Weston A Price Foundation
Dr Price was a pioneer in the field of human nutrition. Documented
evidence of how human health decreases as refined food
consumption increases. Fascinating stuff!
Acres U.S.A.
Wonderful information on sustainable agriculture- good
publication for anyone interested in what really is happening with
todays farmers.
Fiasco Farms
Great link for goat husbandry and cheese making. Expansive!
Chicken Feed
For anyone who has chickens, a great place to learn how to make
your own nutritious feed.
Fertrell Company
We have had much  success with their line of natural minerals and
vitamins.  Oldest line of organic fertilizers in the USA. Good
people. Good products.
Backwoods Home Magazine
If you ever were interested in homesteading, this is the magazine
that tells it like it is. The good with the bad. Lots of practical
The Cheese Maker
Great site to learn about the cheese making process, sells
cultures, supplies, and a great E-book on making soft cheeses
like Brie and also molded Blue cheeses.
Livestock Conservancy
Organization that tracks the numbers of heritage breeds of
livestock and promotes their study and preservation . Great
source to find out about  breeds well suited to sustainable
agriculture and homesteading.
Misty Mountain Farm